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Safety Info  
Airworthiness Directives             
At this time, the FAA has not issued any Airworthiness Directives for BRS products.

Service Bulletins
           BRS-150 Pick-up Collar Support Replacement
           BRS Activation Handle Inspections & Rework
           BRS-600 Pick-up Collar Support Replacement
           BRS-182 Pick-up Collar Support Replacement
           BRS-172 Pick-up Collar Support Replacement
           Stripwound Housings for Ultralight BRS Systems (ID #001)
           BRS-5 Rockets (ID #002)
           Stripwound Housings for Hang Glider BRS systems (ID #003)
           Inspection of BRS Activation Handle Assembly (ID #04082004)
           Handle Assembly Instructions (ID # April ’04, Revision 1)

First Responder Facts         
The following guide was designed for first responders and other emergency personnel who would respond to an aircraft accident on a vehicle that has a BRS parachute that has deployed.
           Instructions for First Responders and other Emergency Personnel

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